The healthcare technology industry is in the midst of significant growth. In a crowded field of players, it’s critical to stand out with clear differentiators, while also connecting to salient issues like value-based care, data analytics and patient engagement. Results PR’s seasoned team of healthcare PR pros makes our clients stand out with compelling story angles, pitches and credible research.  We have extensive experience communicating to providers, payers and patient-focused publications. We understand the hot industry trends and their relevance across the healthcare chain. The upshot is that we capture the market’s attention across important industry and business publications and get our clients the right healthcare media ink. 

Selected Clients:

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“Elyse and her team put energy, detail, and innovation into every initiative. They know their way around the healthcare media and offer the perfect combination of senior level expertise, hands-on strategy and creative content. I couldn’t ask for a better agency partner.”

Stuart Covit, Chief Operating Officer, Artificial Medial Intelligence


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In the wake of high-profile data breaches and hacking incidents, cybersecurity has become everyone’s business. The industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent years and shows no signs of slowing. Security has become of utmost importance to organizations and one of the hottest story trends in years. We understand the key industry trends like data breaches, the cybersecurity talent shortage, nation state attacks and threats that take over IoT and other devices. Our seasoned team has worked with many cybersecurity clients and has successfully placed numerous articles in the cyber and business trades. Trust the Results PR team to leverage strong editor and industry relationships to get your company valuable press.

Selected Clients:

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“Elyse and the Results PR team have outstanding cybersecurity expertise and media savvy. They have successfully placed our organization in publications that we wouldn’t have thought possible. The team is strategic, proactive and responsive and has helped the Retail & Hospitality ISAC build a positive reputation in the cybersecurity community.”

Katherine Jeschke, VP, Marketing & Communications, Retail & Hospitality ISAC


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Whether your organization offers artificial intelligence, web apps, analytics or Agile/DevOps solutions, we know software and how to get it covered. We have placed thousands of stories in high-tech trade and business media outlets and can do the same for you.  Results PR specializes in turning technical jargon and buzzwords into plain English so that your company doesn’t sound like every other firm. By simplifying the industry language, we can better differentiate your offerings and help you communicate more effectively to your prospects, clients and journalists. We have an established track record of doing just that since 1994. Are you ready to see results? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about the PR strategies that get software companies noticed.

Selected Clients:

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“Results PR is our trusted advisor for public relations. The team knows how to communicate clearly about what needs to be done to gain and maintain the leadership position in a competitive high-tech environment. As a result, we have become a major thought leader in our space. Elyse and her highly experienced team know how to make things happen.”

Joyce Bartlett, Marketing Director, Tasktop Technologies